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Pac-Kit Cleaning Supplies

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Pac-Kit Safety Equipment 75-person First Aid Kit (6135)
Pac-Kit ANSI Plus #25 Weatherproof First Aid Kit, 143-Pieces, Plastic Case (6430)
Pac-Kit ANSI Plus #10 Weatherproof First Aid Kit, 76 Pieces, Plastic Case (6410)
Pac-Kit Industrial Station First Aid Kit, 440 Pieces, Steel Case (6155)
Pac-Kit 25-Person Steel First-Aid Kit, w/Eyewash, 143 Pieces, Steel Case (6100)
Pac-Kit #25 Steel First Aid Kit for Up to 25 People, 159 Pieces, Steel (6086)
Pac-Kit Industrial #25 Weatherproof First Aid Kit, 159 Pieces, Plastic Case (6084)
Pac-Kit ANSI #10 Weatherproof First Aid Kit, 57 Pieces, Plastic Case (6060)
Pac-Kit Small Industrial Bloodborne Pathogen Kit, Plastic Case, 4.5"H x 7.5"W x 2.75"D (3060)

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