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Box Cutters & Utility Knives

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Klever Kutter Kurve Blade Plus Safety Cutter, 5.75" Handle, Orange, 10/Box (24356310)
Workpro Folding Pocket Utility Knife, 4" Handle, Silver/Blue/Red (24394221)
Workpro Fixed Blade Utility Knife, 4.25" Handle, Metallic Gray (24394170)
Klever XChange PLUS One-Sided Magnesium Handle Safety Cutter, 7" Blade (24358026)
Klever XChange PLUS Two-Sided Magnesium Handle Safety Cutter, 6.5" Blade (24358024)
Westcott Full Size Retractable Box Cutter, Plastic Handle, Green, 6/Box (24403730)
Stanley Two-Pack Quick Point Snap Off Blade Utility Knife, 9 mm and 18 mm, Yellow/Black (2722094)
Workpro Plastic Snap-Off Knife, 18 mm, 5 Self-Loading Blades (24394171)
Workpro Plastic Snap-Off Knife, 9 mm, 3 Self-Loading Blades (24394169)
CrewSafe X-traSafe CU Safety Utility Knife, Yellow, 6/Pack (632317)
LabelMaster Easy Cut 2000 Utility Knife, Yellow (2831831)
LabelMaster Easy Cut Utility Knife, Blue (2831829)
Klever Koncept Safety Cutter, 5.75" Handle, Yellow, 10/Pack (2768297)
Stanley Quick Point Utility Knife, 9 mm, Yellow/Black (565328)
Westcott Safety Cutter, 5.75", Red, 5/Pack (17520)
Westcott Compact Safety Ceramic Blade Box Cutter, 2.25", Fixed Blade, Green (16473)
slice Utility Knives, Double Sided, Replaceable, Stainless Steel, Gray, Green (10554)
Clauss Titanium Auto-Retract Utility Knife with Carton Slicer, Gray/Red, 3 1/2" Blade (18968)
Clauss Titanium Auto-Retract Utility Knife, Gray/Red, 2 3/10" Blade (18966)
Sheffield Great NeckMini Lockback Utility Knife (58116)
Sheffield Great NeckBlade Holder Lockback Utility Knife (58113)
PHC Pacific Raze Safety Bag Cutter (CBC575)
Wiss Retractable Utility Knife, Carded (WK8V)
Stanley Tools Homeowner's Retractable Utility Knife, Metal (10175)
IRWIN Self-Retracting Safety Knife, 1 Retractable Blade, Red/Silver (2088600)
X-ACTO Aluminum Handle No. 1 Knife (X3201)
X-ACTO Medium-Weight Boxed Knife (X3002)
Elmer's X-Acto SurGrip Utility Knife (X3274)

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