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PhysiciansCare Aspirin Tablets, 250 Doses per box (54034)
PhysiciansCare Medication Station: Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Non Aspirin Pain Reliever, Antacid (90780)
PhysiciansCare Allergy Relief Tablets (90036)
PhysiciansCare Ibuprofen Pain Reliever, Two-Pack, 125 Packs/Box (90109)
PhysiciansCare Single Dose Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever (40800)
PhysiciansCare Antacid Calcium Carbonate Medication, Two-Pack, 50 Packs/Box (90089)
PhysiciansCare Aspirin Medication, Two-Pack, 50 Packs/Box (90014)
PhysiciansCare Pain Relievers/Medicines, XStrength Non-Aspirin Acetaminophen,2/Packet,125 Pk/Bx (40800)
PhysiciansCare Medication Grid Station without Medications (90794)
PhysiciansCare Dimenhydrinate (Motion Sickness) Tablets, 2/Pack, 50 Pack/Box (90031)
PhysiciansCare Electrolyte Tabs, 2 Tablets/Pack, 125 Packs/Box (90032)
PhysiciansCare Extra-Strength Pain Reliever, Two-Pack, 50 Packs/Box (90316)
PhysiciansCare Cough and Sore Throat, Cherry Menthol Lozenges, 50 Individually Wrapped per Box (90306)
PhysiciansCare Cold And Cough Congestion Medication, Two-Pack, 50 Packs/box (90092)
PhysiciansCare Allergy Antihistamine Medication, Two-Pack, 50 Packs/Box (90091)
PhysiciansCare Sinus Decongestant Congestion Medication, 10mg, One Tablet/Pack, 50 Packs/Box (90087)
PhysiciansCare Non Aspirin Acetaminophen Medication, Two-Pack, 50 Packs/Box (90016)
PhysiciansCare Ibuprofen Medication, Two-Pack, 200mg, 50 Packs/Box (90015)

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